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how does snowright save you money?

Operators with the right setup can spread snow to perfection, fast.

When operating his groomer at speed, the last thing your operator will want to do is try to concentrate on a small image on his screen. Our expereince is that if its not intuitive and easy to see, he won't use it.

That is why we use Panasonic ToughPads, the best mobile computer screen on the market today. Used by the military, police and firefighters, Panasonic ToughPads are highly durable and are equipped with Windows 10 and the fastest I5 processors.

plan and profile.jpg

The SNOWRIGHT system itself has the best and most intuitive graphics, with 13 different screen views that can be used depending on operator preference and the situation.

The images below show (left) plan view with colour depth painting of snow depth and profile, (center) snow depth only, and (right) plan view with colour depth and painting as well as profile and section views, which show the ground (red) your machine, and the snow surface (white line). Each view can be displayed alone or in combination with each other.

big depth number.jpg
plan and profile.jpg
Daily Snow Depth Reports 

SNOWRIGHT provides daily snow depth reports, which allow snow makers, managers and groomers to understand more than just colour depth mapping. They will understand exactly what the colours mean in quantified depths. As a team, you can easily see if you need to make or move snow.


Daily snowdepth.png
Smart Snow Gun Timer System

Using our Smart Snow Gun Timer System, snow makers have the tool that will tell them how long they need to run each snow gun to reach a desired depth. This smart system learns and databases each individual snow gun's production rate under all types of weather conditions and sets timers based on these rates and the depth needed. It is designed to work with all systems, manual and automatic.

Snowgun Timer System_edited.png
Groomer Tracking
Information Databasing

SNOWRIGHT also provides groomer tracking, which tracks your:

Cost per trail

  • How long it takes to groom each run

  • How man kilometers or miles it takes to groom each run

Cost by snow volume

  • How long it takes to push out snow at each snow gun

  • Cost per cubic foot or cuubic meter to push out snow

  • Cost for moving snow during melt conditions

Cost by snow groomer

  • How many kilometers or miles per night, per season

  • How many hours per night, per season

  • Idle time per night per season

SNOWRIGHT gathers your raw, nightly data and turns it into actionable information.

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