Snowright At Blue Mountain Resort
Snowright at Craigleith Ski Club
Snowright at Caledon Ski Club

Feel free to contact any of our clients to find out how SNOWRIGHT is working for them.

Osler Bluff, Ontario, Canada
Jeff Conn: jconn@oslerbluff.com
Doug Butler -  Snow Making Manager: dbutler@me.com
Denver Holden - Operation and Grooming Manager: dholden@oslerbluff.com

Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario, Canada
Dan Skelton - President: dskelton@bluemountain.ca
Murray Frankom - Vice President: mfrankom@bluemountain.ca
Rob Sheridan - Operations Manager: rsheridan@bluemountain.ca

Caledon Ski Club, Ontario, Canada 
Craig MacDonald  - General Manager: cmacdonald@caledonskiclub.on.ca
Jamie Sievwright  - Operations Manager: jsievwright@caledonskiclub.on.ca

Craigleith Ski Club, Ontario, Canada
Jeff Courtemanche - General Manager: jeffcourtamanche@craigleith.com 
Darren Johnston - Snow Making Development Manager: darenjohnston@craigleith.com

Beaver Valley Ski Club, Ontario, Canada
Tom Cavers - Operations Manager: tom.cavers@beavervalley.ca

Wachusett Mountain Ski Area, Massachusetts, USA
Jeff Crowley - Owner: jeff@wachusett.com
Scott Goodnow  - Grooming Manager: scott@w
Mike Hayward - Snow Making Manager: mhayward@w