Feel free to contact any of our clients to find out how SNOWRIGHT is working for them.

Osler Bluff, Ontario, Canada
Jeff Conn: jconn@oslerbluff.com
Doug Butler -  Snow Making Manager: dbutler@me.com
Denver Holden - Operation and Grooming Manager: dholden@oslerbluff.com

Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario, Canada
Dan Skelton - President: dskelton@bluemountain.ca
Murray Frankom - Vice President: mfrankom@bluemountain.ca
Rob Sheridan - Operations Manager: rsheridan@bluemountain.ca

Caledon Ski Club, Ontario, Canada 
Craig MacDonald  - General Manager: cmacdonald@caledonskiclub.on.ca
Jamie Sievwright  - Operations Manager: jsievwright@caledonskiclub.on.ca

Craigleith Ski Club, Ontario, Canada
Jeff Courtemanche - General Manager: jeffcourtamanche@craigleith.com 
Darren Johnston - Snow Making Development Manager: darenjohnston@craigleith.com

Beaver Valley Ski Club, Ontario, Canada
Tom Cavers - Operations Manager: tom.cavers@beavervalley.ca

Wachusett Mountain Ski Area, Massachusetts, USA
Jeff Crowley - Owner: jeff@wachusett.com
Scott Goodnow  - Grooming Manager: scott@w
Mike Hayward - Snow Making Manager: mhayward@w